Return of the Creep: TWC Internet Fees Rise Again

Like the undead, Time Warner Cable’s creeping internet fees are relentless, but they can be defeated.  Last year TWC surreptitiously slapped on a $5.99 monthly fee for continuing use of the previously “free” cable modem in addition to the usual mystery rate increase. This time, my rate-fighting strategy has adapted.  Counter-intuitively, I was able to […]

Buy an iPhone 5 or Wait?

There are some technological features which jump out as definitely worth buying, and others which beg patience.  To be truly compelling, the set of features has to provide a starkly noticeable change in experience and capability.  Based on the preliminary leaks, it doesn’t appear that the changes in iPhone 5 will be a big enough for […]

Run OneNote at Full Retina Resolution

Update 2015:  Things have changed since this post was written.  VMware Fusion 7 now does a great job of scaling the only full version of OneNote — the Windows version — using every available pixel.  Here’s hoping that Office 2016 for Mac will finally offer a true equivalent. It will be a great day when Microsoft finally […]