Make 1280×720 HiDPI Work on a 16:9 WQHD Display

Problem 1280×720 HiDPI mode does not work using SwitchResX, RDM or similar utility with an external monitor on a Retina MacBook Pro. Solution Use a custom scaled resolution with SwitchResX as a work around. SwitchResX allows you to add custom “Retina” resolutions by adding exactly double the horizontal and vertical values of the desired HiDPI […]

QuickFire TK to Rapid

  Should have bought the tenkeyless version, but in lieu, to completely disable NumLock in Windows, right-click and save. DisableNumLock.reg The numbers are blacked out with this satin black paint marker.  The keycaps are from WASD.

Resurrect a Sony WM-F100 III with a $3.09 Belt

In the 80’s, Macy’s sold this particular Walkman for $225.00.   With an annual inflation of 2.74%, that’s $479.25 in 2014 dollars.  Unlike the clunky plastic-fantastic turquoise sensibilities of other 80’s electronics, the Sony WM-F100 III was made of metal and built to last.  It represented premium Japanese engineering, but with an unseen Achilles tendon. When […]