Practical Cloud Privacy: Set Yourself Free with Client-Side Encryption

Privacy is freedom.  It allows us to become who we really are.  Several years since my 2011 post about the lack of privacy on cloud services, the digital privacy landscape has experienced big changes.  Back then, nobody had heard of Edward Snowden, Microsoft’s OneDrive was still Pie-in-the-SkyDrive, and mobile devices had not yet surpassed traditional computers […]

OneNote 2016 for Mac: Go Local or Go Home

Update 9/23/2015:  The standalone version is finally out and incredibly, as of version 15.14, still no local Save As in OneNote.  Thank goodness for alternatives like Outline. Like version 15.7 currently available in Apple’s App Store, the spanking-new OneNote 2016 Preview heavy-handedly coerces the user to log in with a Microsoft account.  Either you can log in […]

MacBook Pro Retina Cases: Long-Term Road Tests

After nearly three years, the original MacBook Pro with Retina Display’s aluminum finish is flawless.  That’s no accident.  It’s accidentally slammed against doorknobs, brushed against brick walls and slid off a coffee table or two — but thankfully it hasn’t experienced a full-on drop.  The first slim case/cover available was the Kuzy case, and the top half of […]