iPearl mCover for the Retina Macbook Pro

When I last posted, the only available hard cover for the Macbook Pro with Retina Display was from Kuzy.  Today, iPearl sent me their new case for evaluation.  It has rear feet to prop up the keyboard and a non-rubberized, frosted plastic finish.  At slightly lower cost than the Kuzy, it’s a solid compliment to an indestructible hard case for more robust protection.

Update 8/14:

After using both cases for several days, I’m sticking with the Kuzy case because it feels better, fits better, and is generally a bit sleeker.  If you really want the flip-down plastic feet, or are particularly bothered by the smudges that tend to occur on a rubberized surface, the iPearl might be a better choice for you — but the Kuzy is my pick.