Netgear WN1000RP and AT&T 2WIRE DSL Router Configuration Issues

The WN1000RP is a small, plug-in wireless range extender.  Once configured properly, it eliminated a WiFi dead spot for a wirelessly-challenged iPad.


WN1000RP appears to connect to the 2WIRE router successfully, but no internet connection is available through the extender.  Unable to click “finish” using the configuration wizard, and other issues with the browser-based configuration utility.


Both Safari and Chrome failed in various ways when trying to configure the extender, e.g. not being able to click “finish” at the end of the setup wizard.  After you’ve verified the 2WIRE wireless security settings below, use Internet Explorer to configure the extender at


First, configure the 2WIRE 2701HG-B DSL router to use WPA2-PSK authentication with AES encryption at  The one I used was configured for TKIP, which the WN1000RP appears to support, but did not work in practice.  After switching to WPA2-PSK AES, it was smooth sailing using Internet Explorer to configure the extender instead of Safari/Chrome.