OneNote 2014 for Mac Mocks Me With Silence

After many years of waiting, today Microsoft finally released a desktop version of OneNote for Mac!  That means no more having to choose between a crappy web app or having to run it on Windows!  So I installed it and went straight to open my files…

OneNote for Mac

“This version of OneNote can’t open password protected sections.  Please use OneNote WebApp or OneNote on a Windows PC to view this section..”

FML.  I’ll test this with BoxCryptor…

…nope.  What a disappointment.  OneNote for Mac appears to force the user to use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud-based solution.  It won’t even open local OneNote files that are NOT password protected.

The new 2014 version of OneNote for Mac is de-featured crippleware with no encryption support and no support for local storage.  What utter bullshit.

Oh well, VMware and Office 2013 are still in business.

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