Quick Review: H.E.B. Zusma Energy Tea — Prickly Pear


Bleh! I got a four-pack of this free at HEB through a promotional offer. It’s bad. Tastes like weak, instant tea with a hint of agave and pear juice. The carbonation is weak, which just makes it taste flat. I wanted to like this, but even though the ingredients list is impressive, it’s a sad excuse for an energy drink. Back to the drawing board, HEB!

This is admittedly my first foray into the “Energy Tea” realm, but seriously, does anyone like this stuff? I wonder if the other flavors are any better.

Update 2/16/2011: As promised, I gave this drink another try. Truthfully, it didn’t change much.  Here’s my quick video review.

2 thoughts on “Quick Review: H.E.B. Zusma Energy Tea — Prickly Pear

  1. I extremely disagree with you!! Zusma is so refreshing it tastes like a canned tea not a carbonated sugar drink like all the other energy drinks out there! We are hooked never will we buy anything else but Zusma prickly pear from HEB!!!

  2. Expectations can really affect a taste experience, like when you expect a sip of Coke, but instead get a sugary mouthful of root beer or Dr. Pepper. Since you feel so strongly about it, and I have three cans left, I’ll try to clear my head of any expectations, give it another shot on its own terms, and update my review. Thanks for the feedback!