Practical Cloud Privacy: Set Yourself Free with Client-Side Encryption

Privacy is freedom.  It allows us to become who we really are.  Several years since my 2011 post about the lack of privacy on cloud services, the digital privacy landscape has experienced big changes.  Back then, nobody had heard of Edward Snowden, Microsoft’s OneDrive was still Pie-in-the-SkyDrive, and mobile devices had not yet surpassed traditional computers […]

Achieve Gapless Playback on a Chromecast with Gear

It’s neat that Google, with a $385 billion market cap, still fails to implement a basic feature like gapless music playback within their own product ecosystem, yet a tiny company like @_Treasurebox_ can solve the problem with a $3.99 OS X app. Chalk up another win for the little guy: Gear (a.k.a. G-Ear) for Google […]


My new favorite “cloud” software:  Boxcryptor.  It provides the most convenient way yet to selectively encrypt your files on Dropbox, Skydrive, Gdrive, etc.  Works with Windows and OS X. This solves a problem I wrote about back in 2011:  OneNote Privacy in the Cloud.  Hat tip to chume.