The Glorious Goldilocks: Dell’s 25″ U2515H

I really liked the new 27″ Dell UltraSharp monitor, but with the 25″, it’s love.  There’s a certain synergy between the resolution and the new 25″ size that makes the whole experience greater than the sum of its specs.  Here’s my opinion in a chicken scratch nutshell. The 27″ version seemed great until some color uniformity […]

4K No Way: Liking my Dell UltraSharp U2715H

With 4k/5k displays on the way in, why buy a new monitor with technology that’s on the way out? Because we’re at a time when 4k is still on the bleeding edge. Most computers don’t have what it takes to drive a 4k display properly, so whether you end up with inscrutably tiny fonts, a […]

Removing the Anti-Glare Coating on a Dell 2001FP

If your Dell 2001FP display is scratched, it might look better if you “shed its skin.”  It’s the ultimate scratch repair. I’ve owned my Dell 2001FP flat-panel monitor for about ten years.  At 1600×1200, it’s an excellent display even by today’s standards.  You can currently find one used on eBay for about $60, and at […]