Extremely Slow Leak on a FlowTite Water Valve

Problem After replacing a broken kitchen faucet, the “builders’ special” cheap plastic FlowTite water valve began to leak extremely slowly at the annoying rate of about one drop every 5-10 minutes. Discussion A few years ago, another FlowTite valve had a similarly excruciating leak after slight movement during some plumbing work.  That leak, so slow that […]

Compressed Trace on a Tektronix 465M

Problem Tektronix 465M oscilloscope trace is compressed to the right.  Erratic/non-linear motion at slow speeds and the inability to position trace correctly with horizontal position controls. Discussion Purchased this cold-war-era military-grade oscilloscope from eBay to explore the world of electronics.  It was sold as “working” but quickly exhibited the above problems.  Didn’t expect to have […]

Raspberry Pi Time Machine Problems/Solutions

Problem After building a makeshift Time Capsule using Debian Linux and parts I had lying around — a Raspberry Pi and Thermaltake BlacX hard drive dock — there were numerous intermittent problems and ultimately misleading error messages like: The identity of the backup disk has changed The backup disk is not available Sparse bundle could […]