Bend the Harmony Smart Control to Your Will

This remote system has just enough flexibility to do the job in spite of itself.  My use case:  Sony KDL-55EX501 TV, Onkyo TX-SR508 Receiver, Sony PS3 and a Windows Media Center PC with an ORtek VRC-1100.  Tips:  Use the Windows app instead of the smartphone app for configuration, and make use of selective HDMI control […]

Upgrade Time? iPhone 5S with Touch ID

The 5S holds promise, but if you already have a 4S or better, it won’t blow you away. Fingerprint readers are not new technology.  I loved the Microsoft Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader back in 2004.  It was more convenient than typing in a password to log on, and secure enough for the time.  As Windows […]

A Year With iTunes Match

iTunes Match is an exciting prospect, but after nearly a year of real-world use, it just doesn’t match up. Freedom from having to manage a big music collection sounds wonderful.  Backing up, restoring, transferring, organizing, updating and otherwise messing around with digital music can be a frustrating waste of time. At $24.99/year, iTunes Match appears […]