Force Click Equivalency

Is there a way to use force click functionality on the existing trackpad? ¬†As you might expect from a company with billions to invest in research and development, the new hardware does add a few unique features that only pressure sensitivity and haptic feedback can provide, but most current force click features do have non-force-click […]

Smooth Netflix Streaming on a MacBook

It was surprisingly difficult to get Netflix to stream smoothly on a Macbook 5,2 using Safari, or any other browser, on an external 1080p display. ¬†Without going into painstaking detail, what I finally found to work well is to configure the external display resolution to 720p, enable display mirroring, and not use bluetooth for an […]

Macbook 5,2: Lion Can’t Download? Try removing the extra RAM.

What a PITA. After a few failed attempts trying to install over wireless, then wired, from USB media, then DVD, then verifying the DVD and re-trying, reviewing the installer log, etc., I found out that the message I was getting: Can’t download the additional components needed to install Mac OS X Had nothing to do […]