Removing the Anti-Glare Coating on a Dell 2001FP

If your Dell 2001FP display is scratched, it might look better if you “shed its skin.”  It’s the ultimate scratch repair. I’ve owned my Dell 2001FP flat-panel monitor for about ten years.  At 1600×1200, it’s an excellent display even by today’s standards.  You can currently find one used on eBay for about $60, and at […]

Stuck in a Resolution Rut… for now.

Why does it seem like computer displays have gone DOWN in resolution?  You used to be able to get a 1920×1200 laptop relatively easily, but other than the 17″ Macbook Pro, the current choices are slim if even existent.  After finding scant information on the subject, I dug up a bit of data. It’s been […]