OneNote 2016 for Mac: Go Local or Go Home

Update 9/23/2015:  The standalone version is finally out and incredibly, as of version 15.14, still no local Save As in OneNote.  Thank goodness for alternatives like Outline. Like version 15.7 currently available in Apple’s App Store, the spanking-new OneNote 2016 Preview heavy-handedly coerces the user to log in with a Microsoft account.  Either you can log in […]

OneNote 2014 for Mac Mocks Me With Silence

After many years of waiting, today Microsoft finally released a desktop version of OneNote for Mac!  That means no more having to choose between a crappy web app or having to run it on Windows!  So I installed it and went straight to open my files… “This version of OneNote can’t open password protected sections. […]


My new favorite “cloud” software:  Boxcryptor.  It provides the most convenient way yet to selectively encrypt your files on Dropbox, Skydrive, Gdrive, etc.  Works with Windows and OS X. This solves a problem I wrote about back in 2011:  OneNote Privacy in the Cloud.  Hat tip to chume.