Make 1280×720 HiDPI Work on a 16:9 WQHD Display

Problem 1280×720 HiDPI mode does not work using SwitchResX, RDM or similar utility with an external monitor on a Retina MacBook Pro. Solution Use a custom scaled resolution with SwitchResX as a work around. SwitchResX allows you to add custom “Retina” resolutions by adding exactly double the horizontal and vertical values of the desired HiDPI […]

4K No Way: Liking my Dell UltraSharp U2715H

With 4k/5k displays on the way in, why buy a new monitor with technology that’s on the way out? Because we’re at a time when 4k is still on the bleeding edge. Most computers don’t have what it takes to drive a 4k display properly, so whether you end up with inscrutably tiny fonts, a […]

Hex Decimal ASCII Converter for Mac OS X

Does OS X really not have one of these simple convenient utilities stashed somewhere? Thanks, Synergy Creations. MACASCIIDisplay seems to replace HexToaster as a hex to decimal ASCII converter for Mac OS X. Or, just use WolframAlpha.