Run OneNote at Full Retina Resolution

Update 2015:  Things have changed since this post was written.  VMware Fusion 7 now does a great job of scaling the only full version of OneNote — the Windows version — using every available pixel.  Here’s hoping that Office 2016 for Mac will finally offer a true equivalent. It will be a great day when Microsoft finally […]

My First Crash. Thanks, Parallels.

Update 8/31/2012: I’ve been running the latest version of Parallels for a while now on Mountain Lion, and haven’t had any issues.  It’s my current preferred virtualization solution on the Mac with better performance and a more integrated user experience than Virtualbox. I’ve had my new Mac for about a month, and just had my […]

OCZ Agility 3 SSD in a Macbook

It just works — with a few tweaks, non-standard tools and an external keyboard.  When you go outside of Apple’s walled garden, a Macbook hardware install can be just as quirky and convoluted as any Windows machine. After installing my new OCZ 240GB SSD in my Macbook, the performance was quicker, but not what I […]