Achieve Gapless Playback on a Chromecast with Gear

It’s neat that Google, with a $385 billion market cap, still fails to implement a basic feature like gapless music playback within their own product ecosystem, yet a tiny company like @_Treasurebox_ can solve the problem with a $3.99 OS X app. Chalk up another win for the little guy: Gear (a.k.a. G-Ear) for Google […]

Google Music Manager vs. Belkin N600 Router

Problem When uploading music to Google Play Music with the Google Music Manager app, web browsing and other internet activity becomes impossible. Discussion If your router is running the stock firmware, Google Music Manager can quickly saturate an internet connection and bring it to its knees.  The “bandwidth available for uploading” setting appears to be for […]

Gapless Playback with Google Music on OS X

Problem The one galling failure of Google Play Music’s web app is the lack of support for gapless playback.  Other than that, it just about puts the final nail in iTunes’ coffin. Discussion iTunes is a mature product that has gone to great lengths to implement gapless playback perfectly. Solution G-Ear Player for OS X. […]