Google Music Manager vs. Belkin N600 Router

Problem When uploading music to Google Play Music with the Google Music Manager app, web browsing and other internet activity becomes impossible. Discussion If your router is running the stock firmware, Google Music Manager can quickly saturate an internet connection and bring it to its knees.  The “bandwidth available for uploading” setting appears to be for […]

Netgear WN1000RP and AT&T 2WIRE DSL Router Configuration Issues

The WN1000RP is a small, plug-in wireless range extender.  Once configured properly, it eliminated a WiFi dead spot for a wirelessly-challenged iPad. Problem WN1000RP appears to connect to the 2WIRE router successfully, but no internet connection is available through the extender.  Unable to click “finish” using the configuration wizard, and other issues with the browser-based configuration utility. […]

HD WiFi Streaming Success with the PS3

It was a challenge to get HD video streaming to my PS3 properly, and I tried several methods to arrive at what works best in my situation. Wireless-G wasn’t good enough to stream HD video reliably to my PS3.  Typically, you can find a relatively clear WiFi channel for your router and be on your […]