Windows 7 on a Dell Latitude D600

The D600 is, in industry parlance, “end of life.”  Mine is on its last leg.  It’s traveled extensively, and somewhere in Alaska acquired a dependence on being plugged in, so the fact that it has a dead battery is irrelevant.  It’s missing a few screws and is on its second hard disk, but even after […]

Windows 7 x64 Optimization for the Acer Extensa 5230E

It’s got decent enough video performance for Aero, which I like, but the standard HD is anemic, so: 1.  Computer Management -> Disable the Windows Search service. 2.  Control Panel/Programs & Features/Turn Off Windows Features -> Disable the Gadget Platform. 3.  Control Panel/User Accounts/User Accounts -> Disable UAC (only do this if you are computer savvy). 4.  Control […]

How to Run Windows 7 from a USB Flash Drive

I’m not talking about how to INSTALL Windows from a USB Flash Drive. That’s easy. I’m talking about booting and running Windows 7 in real-time without a hard disk, strictly from a USB Flash Drive. Microsoft doesn’t want you to do this.  If they did, it would be much easier.  So far, the only way […]