4K No Way: Liking my Dell UltraSharp U2715H

With 4k/5k displays on the way in, why buy a new monitor with technology that’s on the way out? Because we’re at a time when 4k is still on the bleeding edge. Most computers don’t have what it takes to drive a 4k display properly, so whether you end up with inscrutably tiny fonts, a […]

My Experience Bitcoin Mining: A One-Month Experiment

When the price of a single bitcoin went over $200, it was time for a second look. It seemed too good to be true: you run a program on your computer for a while, and then like magic, cash appears! To test this “free cash” mechanism, I set up some gear and mined bitcoin 24/7 […]

GParted: Windows 8 Boot Camp Partition “Missing Operating System”

Problem After using GParted to resize an NTFS bootcamp partition, Windows 8 fails to boot with “Missing Operating System”. Discussion There are commercial utilities for resizing a bootcamp partition like Camptune or WinClone, but they are unnecessary.  Disk Utility will shrink the OS X partition to make space.  Booting to a Linux USB Drive with […]