Tech Notes: DG33TL and GTX260 Running Lion 10.7.4

I love it.  My old Intel DG33TL and NVIDIA GTX260 work perfectly with OS X Lion just about out of the box.  The basic process:

1.  Reset the BIOS to default settings.  Make sure HPET is turned ON.

2.  Create a UniBeast Lion boot/install USB flash drive courtesy’s process, and install Lion.  You will need a working OS X install to do it.

3.  In the newly installed Lion OS, right click and save this dsdt.aml file, specifically for the DG33TL, to the desktop.

5.  Download and run MultiBeast from  Select these options for the DG33TL:

That’s it.  Reboot.  Enjoy.  With the right hardware, and thanks to software from the likes of tonymacx86, setting up a hackintosh on compatible hardware can be a breeze.  Especially in comparison to all the headaches I had getting my Acer Extensa configured using a different method.

The Intel board with a quad core Q6700 and an OCZ Agility 3 SSD runs very smoothly.  With the Chameleon boot loader to manage the GPT, I have a nice dual-boot into Windows.  For that, I did have to use the USB flash drive again to boot into OS X, and then re-run the Chameleon install.  After that it’s been smooth sailing.  Easy.

4 thoughts on “Tech Notes: DG33TL and GTX260 Running Lion 10.7.4

  1. Going to use this as an outline for when I do mine. It is a LOT easier now than how it used to be years ago when I did my netbook.

    Did you get the mobo/cpu from the old Intel promo package back in the day too?

  2. My hardware came from eBay — probably from somebody who DID get the promo package! Keep in mind you can’t use the onboard video — you do need a compatible GPU. My system does crash during reboot from time to time, and Wake-On-LAN is a bust, but once it boots it’s rock solid. The best way to go is with one of the newer Gigabyte boards that have compatible EFI. i suspect we’ll be seeing even more unofficially Mac-compatible motherboards as OSX continues to gain in popularity.

  3. Thanks Alex, Worked great. I managed to get everything running with the onboard GMA3100 graphics chip but it was stuck on 1024×768. I found a way to change to other VESA resolutions by adding lines in the org.chameleon.boot.plist but the VESA resolutions looked bad on my screen. I picked up a cheap off-brand GT520 and it worked in Lion OOB.

  4. Nice to see someone else is enjoying the DG33TL too! I had one on eBay that I sold about a year ago, but I just managed to pick up a board for $30 on eBay and a Q6600 for another $40! I was going to go i5, but for $70 you can’t beat the price for a quad core set-up! Have you attempted Mountain Lion? I just bought it and am going to give it a shot…I don’t see why not right?