TetherMe with 3rd Gen iPad – iTether Not Required

If you want to use your iPhone 4S Internet connection with your iPad 3, Bluetooth is the way to go.

The TetherMe description in the Cydia Store implies that another app, iTether, is required for an iPhone-to-iPad tether over Bluetooth. It also explicitly states that Bluetooth does not work with an iPad 2. There is no mention of iPad 3 compatibility or requirements, so we’re left to wonder.

My tests revealed that a jailbroken iPhone 4S running TetherMe can pair with a non-jailbroken iPad 3 over Bluetooth without any extra software.

WiFi positioning was a near total failure when tethered over WiFi, but it would, infrequently, get a location fix. When tethered over bluetooth instead, WPS worked much, much better, and the phone cooled down significantly. It was running fairly hot while serving as a WiFi… hotspot.

TetherMe also provided a noticeably faster connection, whether WiFi or Bluetooth, than the WiFi-only PDAnet.

So for the best WiFi-Positioning performance with an iPhone 4S and 3rd Generation iPad, all you need is TetherMe over Bluetooth.

2 thoughts on “TetherMe with 3rd Gen iPad – iTether Not Required

  1. Can you please explain how tetherme works over bluetooth? My phone company already provides free tethering to all its plans. I just want my ipad to automatically connect to my 4s over bluetooth when out of wifi range (say I’m at work and I don’t want to use work’s free wifi which is a bitch to use at times).

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Tetherme just enables Bluetooth tethering. Sounds like you already have this part covered with your plan. It doesn’t add the ability to perform any rules-based connections, but let me know if you find something that does!