HD WiFi Streaming Success with the PS3

It was a challenge to get HD video streaming to my PS3 properly, and I tried several methods to arrive at what works best in my situation.

Wireless-G wasn’t good enough to stream HD video reliably to my PS3.  Typically, you can find a relatively clear WiFi channel for your router and be on your way, but I spent hours trying and ultimately failing to get satisfactory results, even though based on the specification, it should theoretically work.

Ethernet over powerline provided a great solution for a long time, but then mysteriously stopped working.  This solution is hit-or-miss depending on your electrical wiring, but it’s worth a try, simple to configure, and I recommend it as a second choice if a direct ethernet connection is not an option.

Finally, using a cheap secondary Wireless-N router configured as a wireless bridge worked well.  Plugged into the PS3 via ethernet cable, it effectively upgrades the PS3 from Wireless-G to Wireless-N, but it took a few more steps to configure, including upgrading the router firmware to DD-WRT.